Awards FAQ

NOTICE FOR 2021 CYCLE: CWEA is accepting nomination applications until September 30, 2021! Apply NOW!

Who Should I Nominate?

Anyone who goes above and beyond in the support of clean water, healthy communities, and public safety.

If you think someone demonstrates these criteria and that their contribution stands out from other people’s, please consider nominating them for one of our awards.

  • who have achieved excellence in their field and/or made significant, observable changes or accomplishments;
  • whose work has benefited the people of your city or anywhere in the world in their field or activity.

How Do I Write a Compelling Nomination?

In order for your nomination to stand out against the many others we receive, you must explain and include evidence and clear examples of what makes your nominee so exceptional.

Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding – prove it!

It’s important to use specific and concrete examples to illustrate how your nominee meets each of the eligibility and award criteria. Provide examples of how your nominee has demonstrated outstanding character and is a deserving candidate for the honor or award.

Show how they have:

  • encouraged and exemplified the virtue of good citizenship;
  • touched or enriched the lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves;
  • shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication;
  • devoted themselves to sustained and selfless voluntary service;
  • earned the respect of their peers and become a role model in their field;
  • demonstrated innovation or creativity in delivering lasting results.

A compelling nomination should also describe as vividly and precisely as possible the difference your nominee’s contribution has made and show why it has been important. Include details such as:

  • how were things before the achievement;
  • what knowledge your nominee had of the situation and what actions they choose to take;
  • the scale of the achievement and whether it is completed or ongoing;
  • the achievement’s sustainability and impact on the community or province and how it has enriched the lives of others;
  • what made this an outstanding achievement – indicate any extraordinary circumstances or challenges the nominee faced (include statistics or historical background if applicable);
  • what makes your nominee different from others doing the same thing?