Announcement: 2020 SARBS Award Winners!

SARBS of CWEA is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Annual SARBS Awards.

Year 2020 was challenging, but we pressed on TOGETHER. SARBS members have consistently represented us well by doing their best, giving their all, and helping each other achieve…even during a pandemic!

Congratulations to these individuals and agencies and thank you to the nominators for taking the time to recognize the efforts of others and show your appreciation.

The SARBS Annual Awards Banquet will not be held in person, but we absolutely plan to hand out award plaques and congratulate you on your achievement!

And so, the winners are…

Collections System

Collection System of the Year Medium (200-500 miles)

Orange County Sanitation District

Collection System Person of the Year

Steve Grande, Orange County Sanitation District

Operations & Maintenance

Operator of the Year

Gold: Michael Huls, Orange County Sanitation District

Silver: Kirols Nashed, Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Gimmicks and Gadgets

Orange County Sanitation District

Alkaline Enhanced Iron Odor Control

Community Engagement & Outreach

Project of the Year Small Budget (Under $20K)

Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Water Discovery Program

Best Use of Social Media

Inland Empire Utilities Agency

No Wipes Down the Pipes


P3S Person of the Year

Katie Greenwood, South Orange County Wastewater Authority

Congratulations to our 2020 winners for our local SARBS annual awards. Thank you all for your hard work and for what you all do for our industry!

Stay tuned for individual recognition for each award.

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