Webinar: Meet the Operators and Mechanics with this Year’s Award-Winning Gadgets

Join two of CWEA’s first-place winners from the Gimmicks and Gadgets awards category as they share their inventions. Find out how each invention was necessary for their agency and how they are saving time and costs. Come prepared with questions and a big virtual congratulations as we celebrate their innovative accomplishments. Earn 1.2 contact hours toward Collection System Maintenance, Mechanical Technology, or Electrical and Instrumentation for attending.

Date/Time: August 5, 2020 12:00 – 1:00 PM

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UHMW Gate Cutter by Juan Zapata South County Regional Wastewater Authority (Operated by Jacobs)
Juan Zapata designed and fabricated a way for South County Regional Wastewater Authority to cut the Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) gasket material that goes to isolation gates at the grit basin. The gasket material had became clogged with grit not letting isolation gates go down in place. This was the only way to get the gates to slide down the rails and isolation so maintenance could enter the basin to inspect which has never taken place before.

Juan Zapata, South County Regional Wastewater Authority

Juan started in the trades field, working as a heavy equipment/diesel mechanic. In 1988 he attended Phoenix Institute of Technology graduating from their Precision Power Train & Chassis course. In 2015 Juan started at the Gilroy Wastewater Plant. All his trades, skills, knowledge & experience has helped him in his current position at South County Regional Wastewater Authority. Juan is sharing his experience with his peers doing in the field training, training sessions and training videos.

Chemical Dosing by Troy Minnick, City of Barstow

Troy Minnick built a solar-powered chemical dosing pump system that provides the flexibility without having to utilize a portable generator to provide the 115 volts needed to power the pump. Find out from Troy how his invention for the City of Barstow will save money and time.

Troy Minnick, City of Barstow

Photo of Chemical Dosing pump
Troy is a Navy Veteran who has worked in the wastewater industry since 1999. He holds three CWEA Certifications in Mechanical Tech. Grade 3, Environmental Compliance Grade 1 and Collection System Maintenance Grade 2.


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